Friday, January 20, 2012

Lego Mania

W...intent on creating. Notice the tongue out? That's major concentration!

This is a house of boys so guess what you can find on our any given any given time....LEGO!

Somewhere I once read that the only toys you need for boys are lego, sting, tape and empty boxes. There is something to this!  However, I wish the lego would make it into an empty box.

I wish lego never dug it's way into the bottom of my feet.

Or was sucked up by a vacuum.
But if I was being honest about this....the vacuumed lego is just one more brick that I do not have to pick up. Yeah!

How many times I have reorganized the horde of lego in Man's World??
 It's never quite right though.
Sorted into canisters. That didn't work.
Regular lego on one side and Star Wars on the other. That didn't work.
 Just dump the whole load in the drawer and rifle through it. That's the ticket!

Two days past there was a mini-melt down and detailed search for a small two block piece with a speciality end. It was not found. W was very frustrated and SAD. Sad. Tears. Sad. Sad. Sad.

Time to revamp.

Today I spent all afternoon...did you catch the ALL part?....sorting by color, people, vehicles, and speciality pieces. Using our current storage system, from IKEA purchased on Kijiji...holla!... to house said pieces. And tomorrow we're off to pick up a few more bins...cause W's floor is covered with the toys I dumped from the drawers needed for this new plan.
courtesy of All for the Boys.
Check out her blog. It's awesome!

Let me tell you, if these boys do not adhere to the new system???? Well, guess what the spare room is going to be? And don't even try to walk on the floor!

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  1. Oh how I love and hate lego! Nice job at organizing. I'm looking forward to hearing how it works out ;)