Thursday, January 26, 2012

ADHD Thursdays - Sleep Deprivation

The brain just does not shut off for some of these kiddos who are blessed with the gifts of ADHD. Creative thinking, plotting the next lego build, rehashing the day's events, worrying about becoming an adult, revisiting school situations in which it was required to sit on a bench and not play, and the pictures play on in W's mind as he lies in bed, wide awake, trying to sleep.

Snuggling with me, putting cold feet on my legs, listening to me read and read the latest Little House on the Prairie book, deciding he's hungry, and then falling asleep at some point after his mother has lost her last bit of patience. (Which by the way....helps NOTHING! And just adds to self esteem challenges and guilt...on both our parts!)

W's nights have been a bit of a challenge lately. Tucked in on time, read two stories, listened to his Adventures in Odyssey CD, and then.....then I heard the telltale sound of lego swishing through across the lego table.....and here we go again. Another meal, sleepytime tea...and as I write this, it's 11pm, and he's still up.

I curse the sleeplessness of ADHD.

Curses! Curses!

But oh how I would bless sleep. Beautiful sweet sleep.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Tried and true successes?


  1. Yikes. It's hard on everyone when the children can't sleep. I think we can all relate to not being able to shut off our brains when we would like to. Frustrating for sure.

    HOw about some sort of recorded meditation/relaxation cd? Or those new-agey ones that sooth the brain waves? I know he's still just starting to write, but how about making lists or a journal to get some of those thoughts out and let some of it go?
    That's all I got for suggestions! I wish you happy sleeps.

    p.s. I've tried leaving comments in the past few weeks and sometimes it just won't work. Just fyi, as I'm sure it's a temp glich, but so you know I've been trying to comment :)

    1. We use an Indigo (not the store...the spiritual type) Children affirmation and relaxation CD, a lullaby CD, stories, snuggles, chamomile tea, ....
      He's not keen on writing..but that's a good idea. Tonight he told me he worries a bit that the next day will be horrible. Maybe even coloring? It's 11pm and he's up. I tucked him in at 8pm.
      Thanks for the input. Something's gotta help!
      I adjusted the comment setting so let's hope it helps.
      Thanks Missus!