Monday, January 9, 2012

TSC Tuesday - Program Unit Funding

A New Year and a New Beginning in many ways!
This week R starts pre-school with Program Unit Funding, PUF, which is granted through Alberta Education. It took a few months, many hoops, and a tear or two on my part to get this in place.

Thank heavens for PUF Coordinators, the Director of I'm For Kids Team and the Preschool Director believing in Bup and our family!  The Director Ms.J literally spent all day on the phone, the week before Christmas, presenting Bup's case to the AB ED. Now, this is a Christmas present!

One would think that a Moderate Speech Delay, Moderate Fine Motor Delay and Severe Gross Motor Delay, a little brain surgery, the unknown future of TSC's effects, would be enough to grant PUF. Nope.....all this and it still took additional letters from the behavioral Pediatrician and an all day phone call.

What is PUF you ask? For those of you who are not familiar. This funding is granted until the age of 6yrs and is all about early intervention for children with delays and disabilities.  For R, it means he will have a Special Needs Assistant in the classroom with him and the SNA will also be in our home on the days Bup does not have scheduled class, for the same amount of hours as his class time. He also receives Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, and Physio Therapy. His parents...c'est moi!... receive Family Oriented Programming. FOPS. Topics range from here to there....anything that is education or behavioral related to assist us with caring for R and helping him to excel in the classroom.

As I explain this there is a slight anxiety in my heart.....about introducing yet another team of people to R. Change is hard for anyone, especially Bup.  Plus, there's the scheduled life we will now lead. HAVING to be home on non-school days for therapy time with the SNA.  Invaluable time...but now, not "my time".  {{sheepish smile}}

So, there ya have it. More than just 2012 for us. It's a PUF New Year!

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  1. And those are the times I just want our Developmental Pedi to go ahead and give Trevy an Autism dx because accessing services would be SO much easier if he had one. Gr. It shouldn't be so hard to help our kids. I sound bitter, don't I? Ugh. But then I did see the funniest cute little "pin" this morning that said "bitter is the new black" lol.


    Good job, mama!