Friday, January 27, 2012

Bicycle Brakes & Tears

This afternoon is tear filled due to the bicycle brakes.
My tears.
W's brakes.

You're thinking....look ya big baby, why are you letting the kids ride their bikes in the winter?

Well, it's all about the ADHD....AGAIN!
 (Have I ever told you that I LOATHE adhd....due to some parts of it? I do. Grrr!)

ADHD is akin to having a Ferrari (brain) with bicycle brakes (impulse control).

So, yesterday W had the BEST day at school according to his teacher although he informed me it was awful because he got into trouble for playing with a shopping cart during lunch recess.

What was a cart doing in the playground? And what little boy wouldn't play with it? And why did he have to sit on the bench for playing with it? Did you hurt anyone? No. Did you call people names? No. Then, why, why, why.
So, this mother sends a note to the teacher asking who she could talk to about it.....
only to find out that he LEFT the school grounds to get said cart.
Upon pick up W again tells me it was the worst day ever because he was SENT TO THE OFFICE. For play slapping two friends in the face with his glove. "I wasn't trying to hurt them. I was trying to be funny and he did it to me the other day and he is a tattletale and all the teachers are wrong and this is the worst day ever."

Bicycle Brakes....with the lines cut!!!


So....who's in tears?

What do I do to help this kid?
I'm ready to homeschool.
I'm ready to keep him home next week.
I'm ready to forgo my retreat and vow of silence (more on that later) and take him to my mom's for a week.
I'm ready to throw in the towel.
Where is the support?
Shouldn't the aide be working with him on social stuff? Social Stories?
Does he know the playground rules of not leaving? Is it discussed? Posted? What?

Yes... I know this is typical adhd stuff and we will come up against it again and again and again over his/our lifetime.

But what do I DO about it? How do I help him? His self esteem is already suffering. This morning he was saying he "I am stupid cause I always get in trouble." Heartbreaking....

So...until I figure that out....I'll just cry a little...or a my husband and get him out of bed despite the fact that he is working night shifts and is on number 12 in a row....and then vent here.


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