Thursday, February 2, 2012

We Interrupt Regular Posting...

....because we are armpit deep in house reno's. Well, only one level and that is quite enough!

New flooring equals new baseboards and trim plus a little wainscotting to be added to the eating area and island (tomorrow) and hmmmmm......what else can I come up with? Oh, I'll paint a wall white and maybe the pantry door husband will surely put his foot down now! :)

So, no WIWW, no ADHD Thurs....although there are developments there that includes a meeting with teacher and special ed person as well as a paediatrician and chiropractic visit for an NET.

Yup, another boring week.

Let's just say I am SOOOOO looking forward to next week when I take a vow of silence and join the nuns for the week.  {{sigh...ahhhh}}

Crappy IPOD pic...but see the new floors, trim, tools and B "dapping" the teeny nails! That zone is the eating area and tomorrow it will have wainscotting too. Then....I shall paint. Wuhoo!

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  1. Looking good! Can't wait to see the finished product.