Thursday, February 23, 2012

ADHD School Blues....nixed!

Poor W was having a rough couple of weeks at school. Every other day there was a visit to the office.
Apparently, playing with a shopping cart during lunch recess....
....making fun of our national anthem while singing it.....
....slapping a friend with your glove after he hit you with his glove....
....and....I don't even remember the other....
are not acceptable behavior. (Ugh. Where does it say one can not be a little boy in grade 1?!)

When it wasn't an office visit day, W would tell me his day was "AWFUL" because class is "BORING", people were touching me during carpet time, ....

Have you ever felt like you were sending your child to the wolves? Daily?
It's an awful feeling. I cried everyday that W had a bad day.

During all this, did I discipline W at home? Nope. Cause he was beating himself up enough already and had received consequences at school. That's a whole other post.

I even considered only sending him half time and the other half time working at home, doing really FUN things, and focusing on emotional  and social skills.

Thankfully, his teacher asked to meet with me and the "Learning Leader" aka Special Ed Person. Before this request, the teacher and I had been emailing back and forth, sending notes, etc.
The three of us brainstormed, came up with positive ideas for W, shared some points on ADHD ie: Ferrari Brain with Bicycle Brakes, this is a compassionate kid who wants to please and is VERY BRIGHT therefore gets bored, bored, bored and is also extremely hard on himself ("I'm stoopid". I found this written  in his notebook."I'm too silly. I'm too crazy. - Gut wrenching. )

Long story short.....thank heavens for teachers who care.

Thank goodness I have the time to be involved, really involved.

Thankful that implementing these solutions: social stories, books in the breakout room, special responsibilities, getting him up earlier in the morning, bringing him home for lunch, before leaving at the end of each day W and his teacher, Mrs. H, talk about "One Good Thing" and a special project with the Assistant Principal are making a difference.

Throughout this week, each day has been a happy day and there has not been one tear shed by either of us.

Hot damn & Hallelujah!!


  1. What a blessing to have people caring and willing to work for W's best interest.
    And YOU are the greatest champion. All kids should have such love and devoted support!

  2. I will second that comment! If only all kids had a Mom as dedicated to them as you.