Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here, there, & everywhere...

The main floor reno...and it was only the floors and a little wainscotting, but it turned our life upside down for a week or so, what with no stove, fridge or furniture...looks fantastic!  I love, love, love it! And yet...all is still a little sideways.
The sideboard did not return. How do I fit everything back into the kitchen.
Couches are not returning....chairs to recover...
Man's World is more like Messy World...but today I moved furniture, tidied lego (gag!...does it never end!), and went through puzzles and games...while children rode on my back as if I was a work horse, laughed and played around me and down right REFUSED to help.
I'll say it again...they're lucky they are cute!
Throw in a trip out of town for Monster Jam. Yup. I did it by myself and we all lived to tell the tale.
All school, OT Therapy, Psych, Speech and more OT and in home programing...
A super fun birthday party...
and now a little stomach flu....
and there ya have it.

W has been "counselling" me on healthier living. So to motivate you as well, I shall share his 6 yr old words of wisdom.

"You're a bit fat. Just a bit."
"Your skin stinks."
"You shouldn't drink pop (diet coke) it makes you fat. I'm going to hide it in the basement and if it goes rotten that's good. I don't want you to get drunk on pop."
"I'm not saying this to hurt your feelings."

Wouldn't want to sugar coat anything, would you Sir W?!

*Pictures to come. Not of the bit-fat, drunk pop-drinking me, but of our other adventures!*

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