Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Thursday - ADHD & Me - Special School Project

Our W is a smartie...but sometimes he finds school "boring" and the topics "boring" and oh lord, how do we keep him stimulated and engaged?

Step in the teaching team! The Learning Leader (aka special ed person), Home room Teacher and the Assistant Principal arranged for W to meet with the AP twice weekly in order to work on a special project....topic of W's choice.

Of course, war was the topic because "Mom, I was made for War. Do you know why? War is in my name mom WARner."  Had I known that I would have named him Jack!
(There ya have it I gave away the W)

Well, little W is so proud and pumped today when he came home with the directions to access his project as it is complete. He even asked me to send it to everyone I know and was a tad disappointed that it would not be on "You Too". (You Tube.)

So, if  you have a couple of spare minutes, watch his video. It's cute. I love to hear him reading yet seeing "him" in army fatigues may have startled me a little but he's loving the project & so proud and so.....what does a mom know anyway?



  1. Way to go W!! Great reading and the boys thought the pictures were amazing! I must say your little man makes a pretty cute soldier!

    1. Thanks Melinda! He is so incredible pleased and proud. It's so cute! But the soldier thing really does freak me out.....and his obsession with war....please don't let it be foreshadowing to the future!

    2. It's just a boy thing I think. The boys love to play war and shoot and Cam's room is army themed....but it doesn't go beyond that. They just like to keep us freaked out I think - another boy thing!!

  2. Oh myyyyy...sooooo cute and yet...YIKES! I've always been partial to the name Jack. ;)


    1. Oh Danielle! I am in so much trouble with this one and need to put him in a bubble.
      I shall call him Jack....a sound nickname I think!