Thursday, February 23, 2012

Deep Rooted Sibling Angst & NET

While I was pregnant with Bup and W was just a baby himself...really, only 1yr....I imagined these two black haired little boys, with curly or wavy hair and beautiful blue or green eyes, maybe a dimpled chin, that would be friends...buddies...pals....brothers to the deepest level.

Fast forward 4.5 yrs and we have two light brown haired boys, more blonder in the with hazel green eyes and one with blue, blue eyes, both tall, both adorable and fun and sweet with one vying for the other's attention and the other dismissing his younger brother in anger and annoyance and frustration. 

"W never plays with me."
"R is so annoying. He's is too crazy, too weird. Why do I have to have a brother? I never wanted a brother. Give him to another family."
Not the words I ever envisioned from or for my sweet little boys who are to be brothers and friends, not brothers and enemies. There's enough of that in this family world.

This brotherly angst was running much deeper than just simple sibling rivalry. 

Nothing was working. Not encouragement, not talks, not setting up similar interests, toys, not reprimands, not hugs, not one on one time....NADDA!

We needed help. Big Help!

This is where the magic takes place.  After the desperation. 
How do I explain NET? Neuro Emotional Technique. A practitioner tests your body against specific questions and your body responds yes or no, then those areas are adjusted (in this case chiropractically using an activator), specific pressure and pulse points are held, questions asked, affirmations made, and breakthroughs happen. 
It's amazing. It's unbelievable. It sounds like hocus-pocus, crack pot stuff.
It's magical.
It works.

What came out of the these sessions? A greater understanding that W's resentment of Bup all started when Bup was diagnosed which coincidentally is a few months before W's diagnosis. Bup's diagnosis time affected W in so many ways....having his mom taken away for weeks, days and hours at a time due to appointments, hospital stays, seizures, etc. At 3yrs, W's world still revolved around me and there was a lot of uncertainty happening in our home. Even though, B and I thought we were doing our best to keep things regular and normal for both boys, to keep W in the loop and not tossed aside. All of this affected W deeply. Deeply and strongly. Heartbreakingly.

The first treatment brought a breakdown in W. Tears, sad, soul breaking tears. Straddling me, head on my shoulder, crying such sad tears and begging to be done and leave. 

The next two treatments brought no tears. Brought out a happy, patient boy with a bodily response in a positive manner. And now....

After three treatments, W and R are happy, friendly, sharing a room, sticking up for each other,  and play together! This is a FIRST for us.  Even Bup notices the difference as he stated in the truck, "I just like my brother W. He plays with me."
Truly magic.

And I am ever so grateful. 

Can I explain it? Not very well. But NET works. It works and it's worth it. To see and listen to these little brothers play together and laugh together and no more words of hurt.....that is worth everything to me.


    That is life changing!
    What a relief. I think I should pack up my kids/family and head over there ;)

    Really, that is amazing!

  2. Has this helped his sleeping as well? I just read an article in last years January readers digest called meditation for real men. It talks about mindfulness meditation (MBSR) for helping ADHD in teenage boys, insomnia, anxiety, etc. I don't know if it's something your W would be able to do but it's something that isn't medication just meditation.