Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Random Pictorial

Dining Nook

There's been a lot of sawing, vacuuming, dapping, take-out dining and ignoring of the children over this weekend. But hey! Look how great the kitchen looks!

W & Benson the Labradoodle-oodle-poodle (as Bup calls the dog)
There was a little dog-walking too. W shone with the responsibility to walk Benson around the block. He was thrilled to do so....until I explained the poop-bag...well, he only walked him once!

W roller-blading.

Spectator Bup.

The boys deserved much more than an outing as they have been so happy and patient throughout this reno....and basically being neglected over the past four days.  

W was thrilled to go in-line skating. And I'm so PROUD of him! Not one tear over falls...and it hurts to fall on your bum with lego in your back pocket.

Bup was inclined to watch and play Angry Birds on the IPOD. One day I'll delete it....and only have educational games downloaded. One day.....

What did you do this weekend?

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