Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas Morning Pics

Bup with his Santa gift that W requested on his behalf.

Santa came! Ready to unwrap.

Happy Bup - notice the line up of unwrapped gifts?

W thrilled with his freshly built Droid Tri Fighter
A little late....but better than never right?

Our Christmas was so quiet and peaceful and...bizarre! There was just the three of us as B is back at work. We celebrated earlier in the month when B was home so this was just Santa's time to shine.

W slept in until 730 then raced upstairs to wake us 'cause "Santa CAME!" It was sweet to see W waiting happily in front of the tree while Bup tried to rub the sleep from his eyes and focus on what was happening. Thank goodness for technology as I thought to Facetime B on his Iphone so that he could "join" us for the kiddos gift opening. Kinda sad that we depend on Apple so much in this house, but we're grateful just the same.

In the afternoon we had a sweat pants inducing dinner at my sister's with just my mom and her friend as additional family. Quiet...calm....Q-U-I-E-T.

These two most recent Christmases have been the quietest I have ever experienced. I am not complaining. However, if Mr. B thinks he is working next year.....well, we'll just invade the wellsite and see how that works!

Hope your Christmas was lovely....peaceful and filled with laughter.

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