Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Decor

The day after Thanksgiving I was seriously advised that while he (W) was at school, I ought to be home decorating for Halloween. Because I told him we could not decorate until Thanksgiving was over. Did he forget? No. Did he take that very literally? Yes! has begun. There is a little more each day, so I will only post a few of the indoor items.

Thank heavens for Pinterest as many super spooky ideas are found there!

Super easy pumpkins & no mess!
Countdown Pumpkin - sprayed with chalkboard paint purchased at Michaels, hotglued feathers, birds and rats to the top...voila!
Mummy-kins - W is all about Mummies right now and his costume reflects that so we created some Mummy-kins by wrapping cheese cloth and hot glueing googly eyes.
Wingless Bat - well, he's been chalkboard painted too but W wants him as a bat so on went the eyes and sticker nose but I still have to convince W to make his wings! Eeee! Half finished bat-kin.

Says it all doesn't it?! Hallelujah for Michael's 50% off seasonal items.

Rat a tat tat...uck! This is W's style. His choice while Halloween shopping with B, my favorite husband and the boys beloved dad. Can you believe they brought these home? Yuck. W is enamoured with all things gross.
Which explains why he borrowed the Encyclopedia Horrifica from the school library. May I remind you he is 6yrs of age and goes to a K-4 school. Uh...where's the librarian? Anyway, I digress as I go off on a tangent suitable for a separate post....
Anyway, the rodents are W's and he is quite proud of them. Talk about a farewell statement as you leave. ....kinda like they are the giant cousins of the ones we catch in our fireplace....Oops! there I go, off-line, off-line.
Do you decorate for Halloween? All out or just a jack o lantern?

(PS: Our remaining spooky decor will be posted at a later date)


  1. oooooh I love it all! Brilliant pumpkins. Is it me or are people decorating more and more these days for Halloween. Not that I'm complainin...!

  2. So much more spoookalicious decorations about! There are some houses in our neighborhood that really go all out.
    W thinks we need more skeletons and definitely the Grim Reaper! ~ack!~
    It's fun!