Saturday, October 15, 2011

River Dance

A favorite past times is to spend warm days by the river. Pack a snack, join a friend or cousin, bring the dog, and the camera 'n' off we go!

We are lucky to live in a city with two rivers and lucky to have a grandma with a river near her house too. Some people live near oceans....lakes...lucky ones! Us prairie dwellers make the most of what water sources we have...our rivers.

Throwing rocks, wading, building dams, finding clams, swinging bravely on a lone rope, listening to the calls of geese and cranes as they begin their annual migration.....shall I stop now?

Whatever will we do as this "flummer" comes to an end and the cold sets in? We can still visit the river...but it won't be the same to throw rocks while wearing mittens!


  1. Isn't it wonderful how a river with some mud and rocks are really all it takes to make little boys happy for hours?! Wonderful summer memories.

  2. Yes it is...and you my friend are so blessed to have one out your back door (almost). We loved our river day with you!