Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mr.6 - Lego Birthday

W is all about Lego. So, it's no surprise that Lego was the theme of choice for his birthday. Which is fun and easy for inspiration and ideas.

However, please note that I am full of ideas but not TALENT! Oh, how I wish there was some OCD and artistic talent coursing through my veins and brain. But alas....there is not. There is a lot of the "that'll do" and Kindergarten art skills oozing about. So be forewarned....the ideas may be grand, but the quality not so much!

W's Lego party decorations and plans consisted of:
  • lego creating with a Bricks4Kidz instructor
  • lego block cakes
  • homemade lego decorations - jars of lego & lego happy birthday board
  • lego cake pops - okay I almost made these...cookies made & all supplies ready...but I ran out of time and terrible is that! The birthday boy didn't even notice!

And the birthday gift....
repainting and docorating W's room with a little Star Wars paraphenlia. He is a fanatic! So I consented with sheets (hello Ebay!), Death Star grey paint (really, it's a dove grey from Lowe's) and Star Wars wall decals (found at Monkey Mountain).

I stayed up all night to finish it off....listening to Stuart McLean Vinyl Cafe podcasts, laughing out loud, snorting even, by myself....which was worth the effort as W was thrilled! Thrilled!

And there ya have it. The story of a lego birthday & star wars room for a little man turning 6yrs by his loving parents....whom are artistically challenged.

PS:There will be no mention of repairing the dry wall using an electric knife.... because I do not own power tools.


  1. Tobes is 10 and STILL loves legos...which is why I may have to actually try those cakes this year! Very cute!


  2. Brilliant party and lots of fun!
    And his bedroom is wonderful. Fit for a Jedi. You did a stellar job!

  3. Danielle....I read somewhere that mom's of boys only need lego, tape, & boxes as toys for boys. The author may be onto something!;)

    Mrs. Mittens....Thank you!