Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sunny Days...

Ahhhh.....dreaming of the sunny days of summer. They're already becoming a memory. The bees, the warmth, the kids laughing outside playing with the dog and begging to go play in the backalley....where we ride bikes, scooters, kick the "Dora" ball around.
The healing. Watching over stitches. Watching for seizure activity. Thrilled that our little boy is doing well, but wishing he would not go down the slide head-first...or at all for that matter!
The sunny days of 2011 will always be overshadowed by R's temporal lobe resection. Waiting....then the hospital days....and then the healing. A wise inter-blogging friend once wrote me about getting to the healing side...and she is so right!
Fun day trips such as this one to the Sunflower Maze and animal park. Maneuvering the maze...the boys running ahead, holding my hand, running back to
check in and ensure we are all on the right path...looking for clues.
Ah, the sweet, sunny days.

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