Tuesday, October 18, 2011


"Listen on the first time!
"What did I just say?"
"Mommy just wants you to listen!"
and sometimes it's even, "Hello?!" or "That's it! I'm getting my whistle!"

Oh, the joys of talking to the kiddos....getting them to listen and do right away. With one boy who has ADHD and another who is 4yrs sometimes turning 2yrs (Why? Why? Why Mommy? Why?), brain surged, direction challenged and TSC kiddo....the listening is a BIT of a moot point.

So, today when instructing W for the 4th time, "Do you have your backpack?" "Get your backpack."

He says to me,
"You are being Mr. Bossypants."

Okay.....point taken....BUT if you would just listen....and it's my JOB!

Hmmmm...maybe, just maybe I should have went to the "How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen" workshop my Favorite Husband emailed me about.......

Do you have a special secret trick that works for creating listening skills in your children? I would love to know!


  1. No, I thought I was reading an excerpt from my day! Although I overheard on the way to hockey how one 7 yr old doesn't like to be rushed! My reply was " well if you would only listen to me the first time, we wouldn't be rushed"! De ja vu!!!!

  2. Sounds just like my house most days! When you find out the magic trick, let us know please, lol.