Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Shall I say more?
My little cuties are keeping me in fast forward these days...and sometimes, like now when it's much, much too late at night,....I just want to crash into bed...alone, without a 6 yr old or 4yr old's feet pushing me to the far edge and leaving toe sized bruises on my legs.

Wouldn't it be lovely to wake up in the morning to "Good Morning Sweetie" instead of "Can I play on your IPhone?" ~ Yes, my favorite husband has been at work since April 25th and Bup is an iphone addict!

The momma above in her one shoe? Reminds me of watching W ride his bike home from school today in one Croc and one black Nike sock, the legs zipped off his pants and his Darth Vader pyjama top as a t-shirt. We're all about fashion in this house!

How in the world were you watching him ride his bike home, you ask? Well, cause it's Wheel Wednesday and I wasn't about to let my 6yr old bike to school alone ( there is no bike over 2 ft tall in our garage plus Bup is ill with Strep) any good helicopter, bubble mom I drove beside W so that he could ride the 1km to school. I rock!

And now, rather than dazzle you with more heroic parenting tales, I shall retire to a king size bed which no doubt has a 6yr old sprawled sideways across it.

Good night!:)


  1. Thanks for the good morning chuckle! Hope you got a little sleep and Bup is feeling better soon.

  2. Sleep well, my friend, sleep well...