Sunday, February 10, 2013


It is my belief that in Canada, skating is a Life Skill. We all must know how to skate, not necessarily play in a hockey league, but at least play Shinny with your pals.

Both boys are doing pretty good for Newbies and they love it! Luckily we can walk to the lake for a skate & our village has a well maintained outdoor rink.

Warner does not love to stop. He is all about go-go-go!

Rhett is so proud that he has "learned" and is beyond thrilled when a little loop de loop does not spin him down.

Me? I hadn't skated for years & was doing great.....until I wasn't. Until I wiped out in a big way. Thankfully my ego & elbow are merely bruised, not broken.

The Hubs? He shows us all up by skating circles around us...doing crossovers....backwards.

Oh! How I love the sound of a blade cutting into the ice.
Seriously. I do.

And the sight of Brad on skates. Brings back memories of our teen years. ❤

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