Friday, May 10, 2013

Tuberous Sclerosis Blue

The blog has been a bit quiet...but that's about to change...and it's not that TS has been forgotten. Goodness no!How could I forget my luvbug Rhett and "The Maybe Disease" he lives with.
 However, I've been posting TS facts on my facebook page, trying that avenue for a change.

Here I return. Home. The blog feels like "home" and I like that.

So....have you done anything to accentuate your TSC Blue?
Read a little?  The TS Alliance...our American friends...have heaps of TS info.
Pinned a little? Pinterest is a wealth of information on many levels...including TS. Woot! Woot!
Lit your home? Your city? Shout out to Calgary and Toronto for turning on a blue light or two. The Langevine bridge and CN Tower are going blue on the 15th.
TSC Blue Langevine Bridge in Calgary.

 Medicine Hat...I shout out to you too. The mayor has declared May 15th as Global TSC Day in Medicine Hat. Woot! Woot!

It's all these "little things", that increase awareness and get people talking. Talking works. Talking means people are sharing...people are learning...and people take notice. That's all it takes. One big chat for a giant step forward.

By the way, stay tuned here....for an exciting Tuberous Sclerosis Surprise on Monday!

PS: I am SO excited! Click here for one little hint.

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  1. Does it count that most of our yard lights are BLUE???