Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hospital Visits

It's the annual Radioathon for the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. Listening to families' experiences is heart wrenching. Even more so because we have been there, been THAT family in need & staying in the ICU & on Unit 3. We are THAT family whose kids live to visit the hospital. It's old home week for us when we visit or have appointments.

Despite our previous hospital stays and needs, we are blessed beyond belief. Rhett & Warner are both   In good health & we aren't in need of hospital stays.

Today I visited a dear friend in the Foothilks Hospital and was again reminded of how fantastic the Children's is. The FHC is old, with skinny hallways & no storage, low ceilings & does not feel like a place of healing.  Again, we are so blessed.

Again, my heart tore a bit to see a friend hurting in that hospital room. So if you have spare prayer to send out, say one for my friend "B". He could really use it.

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