Thursday, March 17, 2016


It never ends. Advocating for your children.
Pushing, teaching, explaining.
It's frustrating yet necessary.

The boys are in homeschool classes at our homeschool board. Both have one to one support in class with a mentor. We are so blessed. While they learn, I am writing.

While I write to a contact at the Ministry of Education to explain once again why Rhett is eligible for severe disabilities funding. The constant push-pull of advocating.  Be strong, be clear, be factual. When really I want to send a picture of Rhett's MRI, circle the black holes where there used to be a temporal lobe & hypocampus and write, " Nope, didn't grow back!! Still needs help!" 😋

Somehow that direct approach may not be welcome.

The Wheels On The Bus started playing in my head as the most recent email was typed. A fitting theme song for special needs advocacy and all parents!

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