Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Legend of St. Nicholas continues....

Warner's first homeschool Christmas we studied St. Nicholas. He resonated with the legend. Loved the idea of a man riding through the streets and secretly giving gold to help others. So, we adopted a very simple recognition of St. Nicholas Day.

Now, he and Rhett both look forward to St. Nicholas Day. It's "trailer for Christmas, like a preview" according to Warner.

Although one.more.thing. to organize and prepare for at Christmas is the LAST thing I want, St. Nicholas Day is fun. Advent kicks off the season and St. Nicholas Day just keeps it going.

The shoes are set out, the tiny gifts are placed along with chocolate gold coins. Breakfast is slowly baking in the crockpot. This year it's an easy Bumbleberry Crisp. The table is set with festive Santa plates and even a Santa and Rudolph snow globe. We are ready!

If only the rest of Christmas was this simple?!

Happy St. Nicholas Day to you!

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