Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Time Lapse

Wow. It's been a long time since I've posted. Life is just getting in the way I guess. So prepare yourself....this just may be a long, rambling post....or not.

But give me just a minute. I need to tuck my kiddos in for their afternoon nap and then rant as to how much I hate 5 o'clock mornings and the behaviors it brings.

What's going on with RWB?
- W: loving kinder. Reading a little!!! Keeping me stumped in regards to sleep, hyerpactivity, Red Anger, etc.
- R: funny little man, monkey see monkey do in regards to mimicking his big brother; challenging us in regards to meds as he refuses to take them and can be so completely stubborn, hoping to get a new workup with Neuro soon. We're hating Keppra as I'm sure it's the Keppra that contributes to his stubbornness and completely inconsolable melt downs. We shall see....

B & Me:
- getting ready for Christmas and changes. B is changing jobs which will mean a different kind of work schedule. amazing to experience through the eyes of our 5yr old. W fully believes and is incredibly sweet and inspiring to watch. Want to dazzle your little one's? Get Santa to send them a message! Bup just tells us, "I don't like Santa." Which goes along with...."I don't like God."
W wanted to pray in front of the Christmas tree so the three of us knelt in front of the tree and each said a little prayer. W's was about taking care of Santa and Rudolph. Mine was about taking care of the boys. R's turn...he turned to me, half climbed on my knee with his little folded praying hands and said,
"I don't like God Mommy."

And I...will leave you with that!:)

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  1. Awwwww! Adorable little boys. How thoughful of W for wanting to protect Santa, and how wonderful of R for being a typical little boy trying to make his own choices!

    Have a wonderful week. Good luck with your changes.