Friday, November 26, 2010

Stumbling Through the Snow

It's no secret that the past week has been a winter wonderland here in our glorious city. Freezing temperatures. Record snowfall. I think its a record. 25 cm in one week and -40 with the windchill. Fairly wintry.

Now, then why is it that our luxury sedan decided to seize a pulley and throw a belt on Tuesday. The real problem with this is... many.
My favorite husband was out of town. Get used to that right? Right! Check!
Cost. It's always costly to fix a vehicle.
I had to get W to and from school and it's bloody cold.
There are no tow trucks available because emergency towing only is available.
"Are you at a safe location?"
"Call back when the Chinook blows in." Well, no one really said that part to me but it was implied!

Finally, finally last night a tow truck arrived. I'm sure the little boys think I hired it just to entertain them. Thrilled they were!

The car is gone and we...
we are stumbling through the snow to and from school. If you happen to see a hounds-tooth frocked lady with two little bundled boys "walking"...being pelted with snowballs (me) and then pushing the children into the snow bank as they giggle there toqued heads off....that's us!

If you see that same trio with the mother yelling or blowing a referees whistle (I kid you NOT) while the blue bundles completely ignore her and play in the snow. That's us too.

They boys are thrilled now that it's not -40, but it drives me bonkers as to how long it takes us to walk to school. Walking in the snow is painful. It's too distracting!

Through all of this I have heaps of gratitude to a couple of friends who drove us around on the coldest days...offered rides...picked W up and delivered him to school....etc, etc. My friends are fabulous! Thank you Ladies!!


  1. Said friend is here for you! Too bad we couldn't help out yesterday! We ate dinner in the van for the 4th day in a row! And no, we are not living in it, although it sure feels like it lately! Both exclaimed yesterday when dinner was brought out in Okotoks, what's for dinner, coconut rice, lasagna, hamburger soup? Yikers!


  2. Uhg. What a week. We barely made it out of the house either. Kuddos to you for 'plowing ahead' and gettin' it done sista. And you just have to laugh along the way!
    My goodness, I hope your week improves with the weather.

  3. This post was just as entertaining as I thought it would be. I can picture you be pelted with snowballs and blowing the whistle! Hope the car gets fixed soon, with little cost, and you are back to driving in style in no time!

  4. Oh honey...

    I don't suppose it helps AT ALL to say that one day you'll look back and laugh?