Thursday, November 18, 2010

Not a Help Meet

A special friend shared a book, that has affected her life, which I read... while sometimes hyperventilating and sometimes taking notes. The main theme of this book is a lesson on being a better wife. Being a helper and friend to your husband.

Last night I was NOT a Help Meet.

It was one of those evenings. I was so, so, SO Grouchy and in a hurry to get groceries after making the most disgusting soup ever from my favorite 7 Secrets cookbook. This soup was so gross that I couldn't in good conscience force the boys to eat it even if I had wanted to. So I threw it away, fed R cereal and W "bugs on a log", myself nothing, and then proceeded to get a can of salmon and some left over rice out for B. He likes that. Seriously. Not every night, but he does like it. Disgusts me.

Annnnnnyway, B arrives home me, the wife, waiting at the door to go grocery shopping with a big bad attitude. I let him know that the rice and salmon are waiting and he needed to put R to bed immediately as Bup was lacking in the nap department.

After stocking up on food, W and I returned home in the cold, cold snowy night. B met us at the door only to advise that life has hit a new low.

Not only does his wife leave him with a can of salmon and some left over rice to eat, but when he starts to "prepare" his meal, he discovers that the rice is actually, leftover porridge and cranberries.

Definitely not a Help Meet to my husband. More like a hindrance!


  1. What was the post that was removed. I am SO curious :) Nothing has made me laugh quite so much as this post M. You are quite possibly the most honest and funny women I know! I am sure that it was not funny last night, but the idea of B with porridge and salmon made me laugh till I cried. Thanks so much and I hope that someday you both can laugh till you cry about this too!

  2. You're my helpmeet. Cause now I know I'm not the only one! Does that count...


  3. None of us can do it all, all the time. Some of us hardly ever! ha.

    And when we have rough day, take a deep breath, take some time to re-group, laugh about it, and pass the salmon!!
    (now when you've had a bad day you can just hand your hubby a can and you won't have to say a thing!)

    big hugs my friend