Thursday, November 25, 2010

ADK - Attention Deficit Knitting

The knitting sticks have been on fire lately.

FIRE I tell ya.

Several scarves in various shades of purples, except one luscious super soft red one. The purples are in honor of Epilepsy month since purple is the signature color of Epilepsy. In my city anyway, it is.
"My collas are blush & bashful, Momma." Have you all not seen Steele Magnolias?

Scarves because they are quick and easy and I can see the fruits of my labor within a day. Don't I sound all professional when comment that I'm just going to whip up a scarf?! Such knitting panache!

Then the yarn stash came to mind. Several one off skeins. Hanks. Balls. Hmmmm....why not knit them all up into scarves and get rid of that mix matched stash? Brilliant!

However, there are two other projects currently on the go. One is a wrap knit in a soothing silk, merino cashmere blend for a sweet high school friend. I've been knitting it since September. Get off the pot already, Mrs M!

Not to forget the wool cardigan for myself. In a variegated yarn. Variegated. Ugh. Oh, how I usually loathe thee. I think variegated yarns are tacky. In a most un-southern way. Maybe due to being inundated with acrylic variegated yarns my whole life. Hello Mother!

What? Now I'm the yarn snob?! Hardly! I barely own more than one set of bamboo needles and have graced high end yarn shops only a handful of times....cause little boys aren't normally welcome there.

Where does the AD of my knitting come in? Not the fact that I have three projects on the go, including a "dark blue hat" requested by 5 yr old W, but also the fact that I have never attempted mittens or socks and vow never to do so. ADK would result in socks & mittens for the amputee community cause heaven knows I would only complete one!

So, what's on your knit sticks these winter days? It's perfect knitting weather. Car breaking down weather too, but that's another post and I digress.


  1. You go girl!!! Great you have a pasttime you love so much. I'm interested to hear about the car breaking down thing too -- I'm sure you'll put an amusing spin on it! I do love reading your posts -- I still think you should be writing children's books!

  2. Thanks Melinda!
    I tell ya....there's an 80yr old trapped within this body, Crazy Aunt Gertie or something.
    The car...see 80! I drive a 94 Cadillac! Frustrating that my luxury sedan is broke. Well, we're walking fools these days. Fools I say!

  3. YOu ARE on fire! What fun! It is so satisfying to complete a project and see the fruits of your labor. And as a recipient of your fruits in the past, your loved ones are in for a treat!

    p.s. I hear mismatched socks and mitts are all the rage...