Saturday, November 13, 2010

Remembrance Day

It's hard to appropriately teach young children about Remembrance Day. Everything is too graphic and grown up. For good reason.
So, in order to put this important event on their radar we took the boys to the Military Museum. Most of our time was spent outside and what little viewing was inside was loved by both boys, especially W.

The impact of Remembrance Day is getting farther and farther away from our society even with our troops giving their lives for the war on terrorism. I have old friends who have served and shared their experiences of tragedy with me. It also came to light that my sisters' grandfather served in the war and we as kids would play with his old army helmet. I never did meet this man as he was gone before I was born but the helmet remained. Also, my sisters, the identical twins, their dad served in the military as well. It's all closer than I had thought.

This day of remembering, mourning and gratitude is one that we all need to recognize more and not just a day off of work, but a day to be grateful for those who have brought our country and lives peace and freedom.

It's commonly known that the Dutch love Canadians due to Canadian soldiers efforts years ago. However, did you know that school aged students are assigned a Canadian soldiers' grave to care for?
How incredibly thoughtful, touching and an example of respect and humanity. Canada could take a lesson from our Dutch friends in this area. I think it's a wonderful gesture that we should take a lead from.


  1. I went to the school assembly with my kids. They had a nice program with poems and music. They had kids in each grade lay a wreath on a larger cross and a military mom spoke.
    I thought it was well done and age appropriate. B was quite intrigued by wearing a poppy, except that it kept poking him.
    I'm glad I was there too.

  2. It's interesting that many (but not all) of the provinces have Nov. 11th as a holiday. It doesn't seem right considering Veterans have repeatedly stated that they do not want it to be a holiday.

  3. I didn't know about the students' assignment of the graves. Wow! That is such a wonderful thing.
    Bradley's sister and her ex, whom are both retired from the army, have given the boys an understanding as to what being a "troop" is all about.
    We will have to take them to the military museum someday. Thanks for sharing!