Monday, March 12, 2012

A Queasy Daylight Savings Weekend

Oh spring! You tease us with your +16 C days and slushy backyards that produce disgustingly dirty kids and dogs, yet they are happy, happy, happy. Please stay awhile.

Except this springing forward time wise has made my eyelids droop. 

Or maybe that's because W has been up since 4am. 
I'm hungry Mom.
I'm going to feed you to the wolves W, cause it's 4am! 
Instead, could you feed ME a wolf?

Ha! I love how his sense of humor is developing into creating his own jokes. It's pretty funny sometimes...even at 4am.

Poor Bup woke up with a nose bleed Saturday night. He was terrified. When I got to his room, and crawled up the ladder to his bed, between sobs he choked out, "I got boogers!"
Except it was much more than that! 
And for some reason....maybe being half awake....I couldn't handle it!
The room got very, very hot and black and not only was I about to faint but throw up! 
So, there's poor Bup with a cloth to his face, blood everywhere....quite literally head to toe.... and his mother is kneeling on the cold floor in the bathroom, with ice cold water flowing from the tub taps, over her wrists, trying desperately not to pass out and listening to the sobs of her little guy.  As he still sat on the edge of his bed. Poor fella....heartbreaking....
And W lay in the bed below, in the fetal position, with his hands over his ears.
Mother of the year? Nope.

Feeling just a little desperate,  as I was home alone with the boys, what if I did pass out? Then what?
Thankfully I powered through, got my little Buppy all cleaned up, settled, and snuggled in bed with me for the rest of the night. And W...he didn't even remember the commotion in the morning. [[smile]]


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