Friday, March 9, 2012

What NOT to Wear

As I finger brushed my wet hair, spread some ringlet product in, then dressed in black leggings and a black empire, ruffled tshirt I thought about how late we were running this morning.
 R and I slept in. Yay and Oops!
W on the other hand was up early enough to secretly play Wii, volume muted, alone and without waking anyone else. Schneeky!
So, after delivering W in record time, 25 min, I was feeling pretty accomplished despite the fact that R had choked and spit his Trileptal all over my black shirt (Trileptal is white) and we started our day late.
Until, I arrived home and caught a glimpse of slightly cocky self in the mirror. Ever seen me in the morning with air-dryed hair, no make up...EXCEPT for the black mascara smudges below my eyes that I hadn't noticed earlier?! It's not pretty.
The neighbor mom that chatted with me must have laughed to herself in the car mascara smudged below my eyes....and confirmed her suspects that I am a "slummy-mummy".

Sideways too! How fitting for today, but it won't turn!

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