Sunday, March 24, 2013

Epilepsy at our house....
(in days gone by) looked like this little guy zonked in the back seat after the exhausting job of hooking up his first portable EEG.

 This appointment was our first time time in Emerg for seizures. That night the seizures escalated from 1 to 24 seizures in twelve hours. 

Our sweet little Bup. Just shy of a year old.  

This was such a scary time. Witnessing our baby seize and having no idea what, why, and the side effects. 

Cute as a button. Those blue eyes and sweet cheeks.

Go visit the other Purple Mommas please. They will have facts and hearts to share.

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  1. Oh Margo, that's terrifying. I hope they're finding answers and helping. How did we all get kids with such cute cheeks and eyes?