Tuesday, March 19, 2013

It's Not Fair

The little boys and I were having dinner at our 1950's table when the conversation went like this.

Warner, to my left, says, "Mom, I don't have seizures, do I?"
M: No Warner, you don't.
W: See. I TOLD you!!!
He tried to tell me I have seizures too.
(Insert heartache here)
R: it's not fair! None of the other children have seizures. Just me!
M: I know Bup & you're right it's not fair.
R: Can you take the other seizure spots out of my brain & just leave the ones in my heart because they are sleeping?
M: No Sweetie we can't....
That's why your meds are so important because they keep those tricky seizures away.
R: Okay.
But It's not fair!

This dinner conversation still reverberates in my mind & heart.

A parent always wishes they could make "it" all better for their child. (Whatever "it" may be.) There's a sadness & sting when we can't. Especially when we realize how affected our child is by their illness....or disorder.....or pain. In Rhett's case it's seizures caused by TSC tumors, hence the ones sleeping in his heart, and I guess it's good that he becomes more aware & knowledgeable with age......but he is so right!

It's not fair.

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