Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tornado Warning

This morning I kept pointing out to the boys the wicked clouds rolling through the sky. Little did  I imagine that a tornado was producing and we would be under a warning. Crazy! Especially in these mountain foothills. Who has ever hear of a tornado warning here?!

Something Wicked This Way Comes! Taken at noon in Bragg Creek.

Shot from the traffic circle at Hwy 8 & 22.

McKenzie Towne hail.

Thank fully a dear friend saw the sky and called to advise of funnel clouds over our area and before I could hang up from her Brad was texting to tell of the warnings coming over the radio.

An hour or so in the basement, and all is well. I'm sure the scare didn't help Rhett's Worry Warrior mindset. He had all sorts of scenarios and ideas to share. "Where will we live if our house gets blown away? I want a new house with secret passages in it!"

I am just grateful that All is Well. No hail. Very little rain and no touchdown. Amen!

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