Friday, July 17, 2015

Worry Warrior

Our Rhett is the Worry Warrior of the family. I'ts part and parcel with TSC. Brain chemisty. He can't help it....but we do work with it.

Yesterday was a beautiful example of success in facing those worries head on! Rhett joined his Camp in the Creek cohorts for a fun day of swimming at the wave pool. This is a BIG deal.

  1. He's Eight!
  2. Worrier.
  3. Alone.
  4. Riding the bus.
  5. Changing without mom to help and finding a private stall on his own.
When the big yellow bus drove arrived at the hall, we were waiting. I saw my little man in his red rain coat sitting alone in the front seat of the bus. **sigh** I wish he had a buddy with him, but he went right?! 

Of course, Rhett proceded to tell me all the negative facts of the day. That he cried every time "I thought of my mother." and that it wasn't much fun at all. But then a Counsellor joined us and shared that she thought he had fun with two other boys and jumped the waves which his dad taught him to do. Plus, Rhett admitted he went down the slide six times, went in the big hot tub and even the steam room. So it was a success! 

I'm so proud of my Worry Warrior for facing the fears head on. For going. For participating. For admitting, albeit grudgingly, that there were fun moments amidst the worries.  

I love this boy and wish his worries away, in the mean time, I am so so proud!!

The following article, found via Pinterest, is helpful to understand and assist kiddos with anxiety. 

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