Sunday, February 5, 2017


This winter Hygge resonates with me. The simple enjoyment of Winter. Less busyness. Embracing the cold and snow. Cozying in. Making the home inviting, and simple in these snowy, cold Winter months.

Hyyge (Hyu-gah) originates in Denmark. It refers to a mental state of cozy, togetherness in the heart of winter. Until now, the only Danish part of my life is Lego. 😊  Learning about Hygge does not come from my family heritage yet it truly resonates with me.

To slow down, cozy up, have less commitments, play more, snuggle more, read, wear warm, woolen clothes, drink hot, spicy beverages, have warm homemade soups or chili simmering on the stove, play board games and turn the TV off, enjoy a quiet start to the day in the sun-room, watching the brave, winter birds feast from the feeders and brave the sassy squirrel who never hibernates, enjoy a muppet-esque dog sleeping by my side, content boys, loud boys, hungry boys, my boys, watch the falling snow, light more candles, read books, write here.......all of this is what Hygge means to me.

Sleepy muppet-pup.

As the snow falls and the temperature remains low, I hope you find your state of togetherness and winter peace today.


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