Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Weightless Wednesday's....Bariatric Surgery

Oh, merely sitting down to write this makes my stomach sink and I can hardly believe I am publicizing my vulnerability.

Weight and health are two topics that affect me in many ways. I have tried every diet on the planet and have had some success with all of them, if I'm able to follow them for more than a day. However, maintaining those diets aren't possible. The diet business is a multi-billion dollar industry that wants us to fail. Keeps us coming back, right? Keeps us spending money.

Almost a year ago I began the process of exploring Bariatric Surgery. Here in Canada, there are many criteria to meet in order to be eligible for health care funded surgery. Weight must be at a level that causes health risks and places a person at a very high BMI. Upon referral to the Calgary Bariatric Clinic, a patient must commit through behavioral changes, attending classes, many meetings with a Nurse Case Manager, Dietician, Pyschologist, while following suggestions to care for one's health concerns, as well as food journalling. Only after meeting all these criteria is a meeting with the surgeon scheduled.

I am now at the meeting with the surgeon stage. Next week in fact.

So exciting!!!

So scary!!!

I honestly am so looking forward to the outcome, a month after bariatric surgery when I am losing weight and eating again and healing. Thoughts of actual surgery make me a bit queasy so I shall focus on afterwards: increased health, better mobility, higher energy, smaller clothes, no back pain, no sleep apnea, lower blood pressure, increased confidence, fitting into seats, and active, fun with my family.

Chronicling this journey will help me stay focused and hopefully support other's who are considering Bariatric Surgery.  We all deserve information and support. There has been enough shame and hiding for anyone who is deemed morbidly obese. So, I am blowing the doors open on my fears, heart and excitement. Putting myself out there with you.

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