Friday, March 31, 2017

Surgery Prep Class

Surgery Prep class was a 2 hr Saturday morning spent listening to a RN and Dietitian explaining what is to come pre-surgery, surgery day and the first few weeks after bariatric surgery.  It was definitely interesting and enlightening. Thankfully, there were no huge surprises as I have been reading and attending other classes.

I am still in waiting mode and have not received a surgery date yet. The earliest would be May and the latest December.  Hopefully sooner rather than later, so that this journey can continue forward.

One piece of instructional information that I took away, which annoyed me, is the every reaching presence of big pharma. Prior to surgery a 3-8 week liquid diet will be necessary to shrink that fat around the liver, which is not news, However, the push of Nestle products is shocking, among other things. Ensure and Glucerna are the recommended liquid meal replacements. This goes against everything in my being as it is not real food. These products are a chemical storm of junk and offer no real nutrition. High protein meal replacements are the stressed by the dietitians, but Ensure Plus high protein is only 12-16 grams of protein. That's hardly high, Why not make our own? Or at least use a higher protein replacement such as Premier Protein which is grams per serving.

 Plus NESTLE People! Nestle is notorious for their unethical practices. Why would a program teaching good health support such a company? Ugh. I could really jump on my soap box here but it's redundant.

There was approximately 25 attendees of the Surgery Prep class and half of us have received a surgery date. Half were choosing the Sleeve and half Bypass. It was interesting to see those demographics. Of course, we all have our health reasons for these choices.

Currently, I am paying attention to what |I have learned so far and practicing these skills. It's so easy to slip into long used habits. Always a focused effort to make specific choices in all aspects; Mindful eating. balanced meals. food journalling, sipping water, etc, etc.

So my journey continues.

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  1. Amazing...I have yet to meet a doctor that takes nutrition seriously...if they only listened to themselves or read a label. Logically, one would think especially a doctor would know that anything in a box or bottle is questionable food. Best of luck to you and happy, healthy feasting and recovery!