Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Blood Testing Requirements

Today brought yet another doctor's appointment in regards to this bariatric journey. Thankfully it was just a brief meeting with my family doc to request lab reqs for Vitamin D testing. Vitamin D is a healing helper so it's imperative that my levels are in a proper range before surgery. This will also hint at if there are any absorption or nutritional deficiencies. Obviously, malabsorption issues are a red flag prior to a bariatric surgery as after surgery people have a greater chance to develop nutritional deficiencies. Therefore starting off deficient will cause the surgeon to cancel the surgery.

In Canada, Vitamin D testing is on the lock down. ONLY by special request and for very specific reasons. Why? Purely cost. The test is expensive so Health Canada ( I presume) does not want doctors' requesting the test all willy nilly. Province to province has different rules. In BC family doctors cannot request Vitamin D, only specialists. Here in Alberta, there is a special requisition form and the reasons are very specific as to why a request can be made. In fact there are only four reasons. Malabsorbption is one of them.

I can provide a week by week account of the changes I am making and the hoops I am jumping through to make this happen. But, is that what you, the reader, wants? Those of you that are following along, feel free to contact me behind the scenes.

Soon I will be attending a class entitled Keeping the Change. Tips and tricks on maintaining healthy change. This class is an elective class offered by The Calgary Bariatric Clinic.

Bariatric Humour
My immediate family is aware of the upcoming surgery. I was a bit nervous about telling the children but they are handling it well and are funny.

 The youngest wants to attend the surgery so that he can watch because it'll be interesting. Ha!! Um, no, you may not, Son.  Plus, wouldn't he be disappointed that it's 6 small incisions not a huge hip to hip incision?!  "Can I at least be in the waiting room???!!!"

The other son is excited but thinks it'll be weird having a slimmer mom and it'll take time getting used to me.

Honestly, hearing and seeing their excitement inspired me to keep going and reaffirmed that this is the best decision for me.

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