Friday, March 31, 2017


Oh, the glorious warm sun warmed us today, Melted some snow. Coaxed us outdoors and allowed us to ignore traditional school room schooling.

There were Knights by the medieval log pile. The sound of "swords" cracking at they hit one another.

Our muppet dog bouncing and leaping through the snow like a little lamb.

The sound of the electric sander  buzzing from the barn as a treasure chest is made.

Nails being hammered into logs in order to make a ladder. For Rhettlandia, I think.

Spirals made in the snow and filled with bird seed for our forest friends.

The odd snowball thrown and missing it's target. I need more practice!

Attitudes were warmed and initiative and creativity grew.

Some days the work books need to be forgotten and the sunshine, melting snow and forest embraced.

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