Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The most recent step in the journey towards weight loss surgery has been an Endoscopy. This is standard practice to ensure there are no problems with my stomach and gastro system. such as ulcers.

It was a relief to have the appointment booked as it indicates I am one step closer to receiving a surgery date. I'm hoping...hoping in a positive way....that I'll receive a call for a Sept surgery. There is nothing to base this on, just my own wishful thinking. This month is a year since I have begun the process. A year!

Now, you may not know that I have anxiety and panic attacks when it comes to having medical procedures completed. Once I walked out of a MRI when I found out it would include an injection into my hip socket.  Ugh.  I always think I am past this but then the panic lifts it's head and demands attention.

So, in the hospital for the Endoscopy, I thought I could handle it. After I silently cried on the drive and lectured myself and practiced breathing, there was a fragile state of calm. But then I made the mistake of letting a student nurse attempt to start an IV. My veins aren't cooperative at the best of times and under stress its always harder to draw blood. Of course, the Student Nurse, made mistakes with the |IV and it had to be redone.

Imagine feeling faint, the room turning black, intense nausea, and a sweet nurse who understood. It's amazing what a cold wet cloth and laying down will do for the psyche!

Still more amazing is to go in for a procedure and wake up back on the unit with no recollection of the process, just the initial insertion of the mouth guard. That is my kind of Endoscopy!

Waking up isn't pretty! LOL

I was pleased to find pictures of my stomach and gastro-intestinal system waiting on the bedside table. Seriously. To have a printed copy of the pictures and results readily available immediately is wonderful.

And so now, I wait again.

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