Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gastric Sleeve

Well, step two towards weight loss and health gain surgery was completed today.
I met with the surgeon for the first time and the outcome is signing the consent for surgery form. A commitment to Gastric Sleeve surgery. It's real now!

Even throughout  the classes and appointments it is only now that this decision is appearing very real.

How do I feel?

Scared! This a lifestyle change of drastic proportions however the results will be worth it. The actual surgery and preparation and healing is what scares me. Did I ever share that I panic over small procedures such as MRI's that require a dye injection into the joint? That I walked out of the appointment?!  Oh yeah, super strong here and yet I have committed to Gastric Sleeve surgery!

Excited? Yes!
Relieved? Yes!

Energy, good health, lower blood pressure, free of back pain, free of sleep apnea, a fun, energetic, younger mom, wife and friend?| Oh yes, I am looking forward to all of these things and more.

The next step is two GI tests to ensure that there are no upper GI issues. Then it's waiting for the phone call with a surgery date. Three to nine months is the proposed timeline. It's a long wait, but when one is in the middle, the time is actually passing quite quickly.

I'll continue to share updates on this journey to good health and smaller pants. As well as details of the process with hopes that my experiences will help others make choices towards good health.

Today I weighed in at 271.4 lbs. Yup. There ya have it. With a waist circumference of 43 in. Whoa. It's bizarre to see these numbers in print and know they belong to me.  My BP was 125/86. This is very high for me. So, you see that making drastic change is imperative to improving my health.

Can you imagine the courage it takes to be transparent and open on this topic? It's not easy, my friends and it so very easy to judge myself, so hopefully you will find it in your hearts to not judge.

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