Monday, March 6, 2017

Wild Child In The Forest School

A component of our home school this year includes two days per week at Wild Child In The Woods Forest School.  What a blessing!

Forest School days are the highlight for Rhett. He LOVES it! Even throughout our mountainy, winter weather, he is the kid that must be strongly encouraged to stay in the Art Shack for warmth. The snowy outdoors is where Rhett's heart and interests lay.

As a Forest Wildie, Rhett is learning in an environment that resonates with his core. Outdoors, hands on, climbing, hiking, exploring, testing and in a small group of multi-aged children.  Some of the topics Rhett has learned about are Jupiter Rocks, building & using small machines, local forest life, trees and plants,long term flood effects on the environment, tracking animals, and of course, social skills.

When your child tells you "Mom, this is heaven." upon pick-up, it is beyond obvious that he is in his educational element.

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