Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Heartfelt Thanks

To all of you who chose to share your wisdom and compassion by commenting on my last post....Thank you. Your words really touched me. It is through friends like you...whether near or person or inter blogging....that makes addressing tough moments in life just that much easier and worthwhile. It's easy to second guess one's self as to whether our feelings are warranted or appropriate to share. So when a person, such as me, does so and receives such kind words in return...well, that just makes taking the risk even more monumental and worthwhile. So, my friends, thank you for sharing with me and speaking from the heart.

Many hugs to you all...Knob Sister, Teri, Mrs. Barbershop, Mrs. Two Mittens, Mrs. Tootsie, Melinda, and Stephanie.

Mrs. M

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  1. You truely are inspirational! (hugs)