Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Wild at Heart

The weather continues to be up and down but really is a nice "spring" for Alberta. As an aside, for all you that don't live here...spring doesn't really exist in Calgary, not really. Not April showers bring May flowers kinda spring. More like dead March & April bring May's flurries, so any time the kiddos can get outside is a bonus.

We enjoyed a lovely play date on Monday in which all the boys played so well together. For hours! There no major squabbles, there was sharing and laughter and it was FANTASTIC! My lovely friend and I just knelt on the couch and watched out the window as these little men played hockey for at least 30 minutes. Happily. With no one needing the penalty box even.

Beautiful. A happy play date really is a beautiful thing. It warms my heart.

And so do these little men. Playing hockey, riding tricycles in their jammies, and the raccoon goalie in his rain boots...well that just cracks me up.

Parenting boys is just different than parenting girls. We're all wired differently. Men vs. Women. It's a fact, that I denied until baby boys came into my life. Wild at Heart is a great read that shows the nature of men/boys and is so enlightening for those of us that have the male persuasion in our lives.

So, I'll warmly embrace my wild at heart, back-yard-igan boys when there's animal costumes, pyjamas and happy friends in the mix.

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  1. ooooh, that book looks interesting!
    I think we all need a little bit of wildness to feel alive. I just don't want it in my house all the time ;p

    I agree that we're lucky to have little boys to share adventures with. Some days it's a very wild ride, isn't it?!