Saturday, March 20, 2010

Nose Picker

The great Canadian past time...nose picking. (My aunt once told me that!)

Now, if you see me and think I'm exploring my nasal cavity a lot...well, I'm not. Not in that way!

Finally, I've been adorned! There's a sparkly little daisy gracing my right nostril. I love it!

Maybe my husband does not. Maybe he thinks the daisy is too big and was okay with the first diamond bone (stud), but it just wouldn't stay in. Every time I yawned that little diamond flew out! Seriously. Just popped right out. So, I had to upgrade to a screw and the daisy just caught my eye.

The nose that wouldn't stay pierced.
It was first done in December and lasted 24 hrs. Yup, 24. My body rejected it. The swelling popped the stud out. So here it is March and I braved the pain of piercing again. Wore medical tape off and on until I had enough with these bone studs flying out and opted for the screw. Yes, it hurt a little having the taker inserted so that the jewellery could be positioned in place.
What hurt worse and made me nauseous? Looking at all the pictures of piercings on the wall. I am such a wimp! The gal who assisted me has piercings right on the inside of her eyes, where they meet the nose.
Piercing my back on both sides and then lacing it as a corset...just can't go there.
So, I shut my eyes, she threaded the daisy through and all is well.


  1. WooHoo! bet it looks super cute! Now if only I could get brave enough! You used to have a student that does peircing and she said if it gets red, swollen, and looks infected in any way, crush up an aspirin and mush it in around the peircing both inside and out and it will clear it right up...worked for sister! can't wait to see it!

  2. Ah the nose that wouldn't stay pierced... I had one of those too! lol. I had a screw type ring too, but the guy who did it, couldnt get it in properly and "unscrewd" it. Therefore, it woldnt stay it. I eventually found a bone stud that was long enough to go through and through. I've never seen a daisy nose ring before, but I'm sure it's really nice!

    I have my nose and belly button pierced and it's been over 10 years since I had one done, but your story just gave me the urge to go get another one. I'll blame you if my hubby asks questions, LOL.

  3. did it hurt? I had my navel done in November and it still bugs me once and a while.
    I am not brave enough for a face go girl

  4. awe, cute daisy! I bet it looks terrific!

  5. I have the most adorable little tanzanite stud that I had tailor made while we were playing missionary in Bush Country. It's purple. And purple day is right around the corner. The thing is...I'm such a baby with the pain! And that girl with all the tatts and rings is scary! But I soooooo want to change out this boring little starter stud! Maybe you just gave me the courage I need...

    Oh...and my first nose ring was done in Kenya. With a piercing gun! Looked SO cute...til I took it out and my nose swelled twice it's size! The things we do to be beautiful!


  6. Oh, I love it!!