Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Housewife's Accessory

Recently I was gifted this cute, cute, ca-uuuute apron.
Thank you Mrs. Cornberg! You are truly thoughtful. How did you know it was "me"?! Well, you all probably do know I like a little vintage fun.

I wear it with pride. It's adorable and fun and makes me happy.

Maybe a little too happy?
As one morning, I wore it to a Developmental Pediatrician appointment. By accident. Oy-vay!

Do you feel the need for a little happy, sassafrass, vintage-esque accessory in your homemaking, housewifing, mothering day? Well, look no further. Sugar Baby Aprons will put a smile in your kitchen. And....they are local to Calgary. Can't go wrong with that!

This self portrait below is usual....but I had to include it as Bup's leg-hugging entrance was too cute...and typical Bup.

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