Saturday, September 3, 2011

This Little Doodle...

A dog for the boys, specifically W, has been on my mind for quite some least a year. W is so incredibly gentle with pets. Plus he gets so much from them. Is there anything like the unconditional love from an animal, the respect they teach, and the calming presence they have? I wanted this for W. A boy needs a dog to grow up with.
So, last fall we tried and it did not work out. After an unprovoked bite we sadly gave Tina, the sweet little grey back to the rescue foundation that brought her up from Oklahoma.
Take two....
This little fellow found his way into our lives and hearts. He's a quiet, calm, family raised Labradoodle that is the perfect fit to our home.

Plus he doesn't shed! Curly boy! How great is that?! I wish he didn't poop. Well....not truly, but you know what I mean!

Maybe I just wish Bup would quit stepping in it.


Benson is quickly becoming Bup's dog. Yes, W loves him and he sleeps in W's room, in his kennel, at night as this helps W to not be scared of the dark. Wuhoo!

Witnessing Bup and Benson become buddies is fun and heartwarming. They play and play throughout the day. Everytime Bup goes outside he takes Benson with him. They play tug of war, ball, chase, etc. It's adorable. Bup happily feeds him. Benson patiently endures Bup's bossiness. I think R is enjoys having someone to boss around.

Now to convince W that he can earn money by cleaning up the Benson Bombs in the backyard!

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