Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mr. 6

Sir W is now Mr. 6yrs of Age.
Blow me away, I say!
This coming of age brings many milestones like....
....hand-over-handing across the monkey bars (with an ease that I never achieved!)

....riding a 2 wheeler....with balance and speed and not one spill, crash or tear

....the intense wish to give his brother to another family (*sigh* another post, another day)

.....the attitude of a 16yr old!

.....the vocabulary of a 16 yr old!

....Grade 1!

....deep discussions about God and being real, as in W being real. aversion to kisses from his mother.

....two lost teeth and toothfairy visits.

....loves all things skulls, ancient Egypt, lego, Star Wars, the great outdoors and ..... snuggling with his mom. (Yes!)

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