Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Dora Birthday

It's no secret that Mr. Almost 4yrs Old love-love-LOVES Dora the Explorer. Especially that Swiper! "He's a tricky fox!"
On Saturday we celebrated Bup's 4th bday ( a couple of weeks early) so that B- the- D could join us as well. Working within his work schedule.

Everything went really well. No fighting. No refereeing. Happy kids. Great cake. Aaaand a boy themed Dora party! Which was important to all especially Big Brother W as he was concerned he would not have fun as it would all be pink!

I totally cheated this year and hosted R's party at a local bowling alley as Bup is a bowling enthusiast. Plus, then I wouldn't have to clean the house! Worth the investment I say!

The cake? It was a yummy carrot cake that I did NOT make. This is the first time I have ordered a cake and I am glad I did. It just made it so much easier as I don't know that Dora and the gang would have been quite so accurate or hispanic had I drawn them. Maybe more stick like.

After an hour of bowling, the kiddos sat down to a Swiper coloring page (which I found on line as well as the invitation), Swiper masks made of felt (free handed by moi!), R wore an appliqued 4 birthday shirt, then cake and gifts. Super easy. Super fun. Super cheat. (On Rs family birthday on the 19th...well, it'll be smaller scale and more homemade too.)

Yet, most importantly, Bup was so proud and happy about his Dora party. I can't believe he's almost 4!


  1. What a little cutie!! Love the fake smile!

  2. That sounds awesome!
    Everybody's happy and it makes for a great story too. heh! I love their little quirks at this age and how easy it is to please them. You want Dora, you got it ;)
    I can't believe our babies are turning 4 either! Happy Birthday Big Boy R!!