Friday, April 5, 2013

A Brother's Heart

Today Warner was sitting on my knee as I viewed this blog. He laughed at Rhett's baby pic, but then turned away when he saw the pictures from surgery. Poor fella still can't (won't) look at them.

When Rhett was hospitalized for neuro surgery, Warner went camping with sweet friends, family-friends. We kept in daily touch which included sending pics of Rhett. Which Warner would not look at then either. It was just too much for him. Even when he returned and Rhett came home from hospital, it took a few hours for Warner to be in the same room as Rhett or look at him.
Camping "cousins".

Remember....Warner was still 5yrs old at the time.  It's hard for us parents & adults to see Rhett hurting and scarred, let alone a little boy.

Yet, it still surprised me today when he couldn't look at these pics....and was a good reminder that Rhett's journey affects Warner too.


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