Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring in the Rocky Mtn Foothills

You know it's Spring in the Rockies when....

  • three pairs of socks... including one of Dad's woolies... keep little feet dry & warm on the trampoline.
  • a child makes a frost angel on the trampoline.....and gets really mad when his brother wrecks it.
  • you just take the bikes out of the barn....and it SNOWS the next day.

Spring Snow April 7th

What does Spring look like where you live?

image from Pinterest


  1. Yes where is Spring??? Maybe it is having a holiday...I believe it is resting up so it can come full force all at once to overturn winter and kick its a$$. Hopefully with plans to stay until summer gentle joins it.

  2. LOL

    Well, I suppose I should stop complaining about our lack of Spring down here, then!


  3. Love those SNOW ANGELS!!! Might have to snow pants up and make one of my own for the boys.